Building Relationships and Empowering our Community

Over the past 32 years, access to the legal profession has broadened significantly resulting in an exponential increase in the number of African-American women attorneys in the greater New York area. At the same time, the variety of areas in which we practice law has also expanded greatly. Accordingly, we face the challenge of continuing to give a sense of community and common purpose to our members. We need to reaffirm our commitment to supporting and promoting the talents and skills of African-American women attorneys. As captured by the leadership principle, “Vision Leaks!”, if we do not work to recommit ourselves to our goals, the mission will be forgotten. We need to rediscover where we can, with limited resources, really make a difference.

ABWA is up to this challenge. Our members present a professionally diverse body that has a unique unifying combination of characteristics: our gender, our ethnicity and our professional training and experience. By working together through ABWA, we can both be a neighbor to one another and magnify the impact of our efforts in the greater community.

Stay tuned for news, updates and details of our incoming Board of Directors and our upcoming fall programs.

Our Fall General Body Meeting will take place on October 29, 2014 at Saks Fifth Ave at 6:30pm.